Inspired By: Rox


We have our fair share of female crooners who take us through a rollercoaster of emotions with their music, but being just as inspired and moved by their style isn’t always a given. Roxanne Tataei, better known as Rox, fits the bill in both areas, with a style that is as unique as her songs.

Rox has an extremely interesting background, being of Jamaican and Iranian descent. She spent her Saturdays as a child in church singing and there her talent, love for performing and unmatched work ethic were cultivated. Her skills were further honed at home, during the jubilant Jamaican gatherings that were so frequent in her family.

With influences from Lauryn Hill to Joni Mitchell, Rox decided to put together an acoustic jazz group, showcasing her vocal prowess and power onstage. This led to her being signed by Rough Trade and the musical journey to make her first album “Memoirs” was a treat for her, recording songs with those who had churned out tunes for the likes of Bob Marley and Jay-Z.

Rox’s beauty and style are just as inspiring as her journey. Her thick eyebrows and large eyes are just two reasons why her face is so intriguing and she can pull off everything from doorknocker earrings to form-fitting dresses. No matter what she wears, she always remains authentic and it shows. We cannot wait to see what the rest of 2011 has in store for her.

What do you think of Rox’s style?

-Faith Cummings

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