With our television screens overrun with scripted “reality” show drama which make Black folks look more like caricatures than real people, whenever I come across a film or a show that depicts us as complex individuals I want to share it.

Like “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” “12 Steps to Recovery,” and my latest obsession, the British cop drama “Luther,” well-written and well-acted shows featuring Black characters are a treat.

Recently, I was hipped to the show, “The Break Up Series.” Created by filmmaker Dui Jarrod, “The Break Up Series” follows couples as their relationships are unraveling. The first episode in the series, “Lights, Camera, Action” shows what happens when couples try to keep secrets from one another.

I’ll be sharing an episode of “The Break Up Series” each Friday, so stay tuned and tell us what you think! 

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  • nelle

    are people really liking this?
    the acting was terrible
    as was the writing
    people don’t say things like “two ‘whats’ and a frown are hardly indicative to somebody knowing what I’m talking about”
    not to mention the story line makes this sister look selfish, clueless and all around horrible.

    • andrea

      Yes, was thinking the same thing. Needs more work.

  • middlechile


    I wanna support black media, but only if it’s good. The acting was atrocious.

  • Leanee Beanie

    The one featured here “Lights Camera Action” was really bad. It annoyed me to watch it, (yet, I did for some odd reason) because the acting was so bad, the woman’s character was annoying, and the man’s character kept saying stupid-sounding stuff. The second episode, “No” is a little better and bearable to watch and the actors aren’t really annoying.

  • If you don’t like this series, what black web series do you like?

  • I like the direction of the web-series and I love that African Americans are using the internet and their own resources to promote scripted shows. But with the positive comes the negative and like the others have stated I would like to see the actors, at least the character Zoey, act more natural. If that can happen the web-series can be very promising.