• Jess

    I’m not a fan of the sex songs. I think Kelly is too good for them. When I first saw Motivation I felt like I was watching my sister…. I wanted to jump through the screen give her a trench coat and tell her sit her little ass down. But if thats the direction she’d like to go then more power to her.

  • Jenell

    How can Kelly be so gorgeous and talented, but not have produced one decent song?? ew

  • BS Top

    Crap Crap Crap. Songs like a broken Usher. Can someone please tell R+B soul music to make a come back. These over sexed songs are cheap and wack……… Sorry but I had to keep it real

  • latoya

    All the music and videos seem to be the same, which is oversexed. It’s really becoming whack and played out to me. Whatever happened to creativity and pure talent that was worth being listened to and watched? Guess it went out the window along with decency and self respect lol

  • latoya

    @BS Top i didn’t even read your post before i wrote mine…guess we’re on the same page! lolol glad i’m not the only one who recognizes this about today’s music…