A few months ago I introduced you to Issa Rae and her hilarious web series, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.” For six episodes we have laughed as we’ve watched J, the main character, navigate life’s most awkward moments.

As season one of “Awkward Black Girl” comes to a close, many of you commented that you’d LOVED to see more episodes. Well, now you’ve got your chance.

Because Issa Rae received so much love and so many requests to keep the show going, she’s going to try to shoot more episodes, but she desperately needs your help!

Originally, Rae was only going to shoot seven episodes, but the response has been so overwhelming, she’d like to produce five more episodes this season, but she can’t do it for free. She has to pay the cast and crew, rent locations, pay for wardrobe services, and take care of all of the things that go into making a show happen.

To help bring more “Awkward Black Girl” episodes to the people, Rae is attempting to raise $30,000 in a month to help fund the production of new episodes. In just three days, over 175 people have chipped in and she’s already raised close to $6500. Because we love her show, and constantly talk about finding images of ourselves that are good representations of who were are and where we come from, it would behoove us to support this sister and her project.

Check out Issa Rae’s Kickstarter page and donate to see more episodes of “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl!”






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