Full disclosure.

It’s a common phrase but a rare action. The truth, after all, is not always an easy thing. It is simple though, sometimes more painfully simple that we’d like to admit.

Disclosing something usually means revealing something to others. A secret, a new piece of information. But what about when the revelation is not as dramatic? What about those somber realizations you have on your own? What do you do then?

For me, those realizations used to be the hardest ones to swallow. Oh, so she’s not the friend I thought. Oh, ok. So this isn’t the job I thought it’d be. Oh, ok. So it isn’t that easy doing this on my own.

Oh, ok.

The hardest thing about coming to your own realizations is that once your there, it can be so easy to just nod in disbelief. Because truly the things we uncover on our own have the power to move us more than any discovery from another. So we stand there stunned, not moving, breathing in shallow air and hoping that the heaviness will somehow settle elsewhere and get from over our heads.

It won’t.

Consider this, my Oprah “what I know for sure” moment, but self-realization doesn’t pass. It will stay and it will grow stronger, until it cannot be tamed or ignored. And even though there are moment when we want nothing more for that voice to just shut the hell up, the truth is- it’s usually right.

The voice at our core that seems to lay lead like epiphanies on our doorstep is often the voice that knows our soul best. Its revelations should not be taken for granted; there are few times when it speaks that clearly. There are not many times when truth is spoken that loud. Instead of trying to keep it from settling, we should take it in, clear our throats and move forwarded with that fully ingested truth.

Today, take in the revelations of your spirit fully. Truth may be heavy to carry on your back, but it is the strongest backing to push you forward.

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