In ‘crazy people being crazy and doing crazy things’ news, a pastor has warned his flock that Oprah is “a forerunner of the Harlot of Babylon and the Antichrist”. Mike Bickle of the International of Prayer told congregants to beware the national media mogul. “She is winsome, she is kind…but has a spirit of deception.” Oh.

Thank God for the internet, for reals. I am grateful that we have access to all these loons, so that our days might be blessed with merriment and so that we may realize that we are more sane than we believed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to write that in the gratitude journal that Oprah used her devilish ways to make me create.


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  • edub

    If Oprah is anything like the reality shows she has on her new network, then she believes that self reflection boils down to dysfunction, deflection, and disarray.

  • Bianca

    that man may very well be a looney, but don’t be illogical. look at oprah’s track record.

    only a blind person could miss what oprah is really all about. she believes in that new age bull. she believes that she is her OWN God. find out what her guests were all about and you will know who she is. oprah is toxic to true believers.

    • Kim

      A TRUE believer would not PUT themselves in a position where a media personality(and not their neighbor) could be toxic for them. Right? I’m just saying…

  • Militantsista

    This is why I don’t believe in organized religion! This crazy idiot is wasting time talking against Oprah when there are so many ills in the world that he could be preaching against, like say, uh, pedophilia, murder, racism!!!!!!!! Why not talk about the ills of Casey Anthony?!?!?! I am just saying!!!!!

  • Lexasmom

    What he is saying is not far from the truth. If you look at today’s society more and more people are moving away from the bible. People are buying into the thought that as long as you’re not hurting anyone whatever you want to do is ok. People are believing in “The Secret” and other positive affirmations that will make their dreams come true or help them achieve success. Oprah is a big proponent of this ideaology. She does not in her good works uplift the name of Jesus. I don’t begrudge her whatever her beliefs are but I do believe that she encourages this movement of positive affirmation as a way of life.