Ok, y’all…let’s get physical for a minute.

I know we are drawn to people for a myriad of reasons—they’re smart, they’re funny, they’re stylish, they have goals, they’re super caring—all of that. But initially, when we meet someone we notice what he or she looks like.

Perhaps it’s their walk, their swag, their eyes, or even their a*s, initially we are drawn to someone because something about them attracts us.

Personally, I love the whole package. I’m attracted to handsome men with beautiful eyes, broad shoulders, and smooth skin. For me, there’s just something about a man who walks confidently and commands respect when he enters a room.

But what about you Clutchettes and Gents? What initially attracts you to someone new? 

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  • NechamaOphir

    EYES….if they are checking me out too hahahah

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  • Appletree

    I like men with strong masculine bone structures, smile, Adams apple

  • Perverted Alchemist

    For me, it has to be intelligence and behavior. Beauty is nice, but a cute face and a nice figure is not enough to keep my attention.