We’d all like to think we judge a man (or a woman) for the content of their character and not by the way they look, but let’s face it, when we’re out and about and haven’t had the opportunity to chat up a potential boo, the first thing we notice is how they look.

Many women have obscene height requirements. Even if they barely reach five feet, they want a man who is six-foot-two, no exceptions.

But why? Why are we so hung up on height?

The other day I was out and about with a male friend when he asked if I would date a shorter man. His question was prompted by the couple walking ahead of us, both young, brown, cute, and all over each other. The only catch? The woman was a good two or three inches taller than her man. She didn’t seem to mind, so why should I…but would I date a shorter man? Good question.

For me it gets a bit tricky. I’ll admit, I used to be one of the unreasonable “I-want-a-man-who’s-at-least-six-four” ones. But although I’m tall (5”9’), I don’t need a man with THAT much extra height (Would be nice though. #justsaying). Plus, the dating pool is already small enough without limiting it further to JUST men who can pass for basktball players, so why not date…down?

While I’ve adjusted my height requirements over the years, I still feel a bit apprehensive about dating a shorter man. But…it’s not off the table.

How about you, Clutchettes? Would you date a shorter man? And Gents…have you dated taller women?

Do share! 

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  • the_unforgiven

    “Plus, the dating pool is already small enough without limiting it further to JUST men who can pass for basktball players, so why not date…down?”

    I would walk the earth alone for a thosand years, before I ever stayed with someone that considered me as dating “down”.

  • Jeremiah

    the_unforgiven says, don’t worry about it. Both of my parents are tall (dad 6’2 , mom 5’9) and for whatever reason I came out short (5’6). I watched as they made joke after joke about short men growing up. Now that I am 28 and can hardly find a date, they don’t know where to put their faces. These women don’t know that even if they and their partner are tall, they can still be cursed with a short kid.

  • Derrick

    Man there’s a whole lot of hate on this forum that’s really disturbing. People using the race card, weight card, height card etc, etc, etc. Why isn’t anyone talking about the love card? Aren’t there enough people suffering from various forms of discrimination in this world?

    I will admit, black women haven’t been the friendliest to me when I started dating. I’ve dated ONE black woman in my entire life, no big deal. Real black music to me is blues, jazz, ska and some reggae. I also love hard rock and heavy metal too. I was disrespected all through highschool, university and I still get dissed by black women even in my mid 30s today. Mostly for being short, 5’5, and sometimes for being a good looking guy. Yeah that’s right, I get hate on by black women who wish I was a foot taller or more because I have a very handsome face. I guess it annoys them that much more that I have a good body too. The worst thing I overheard from one woman in a group of black women I passed on my way home from work is that my face belongs on a much taller guy. Specifically, she said “short guys shouldn’t be allowed to have good looking faces, it’s such a waste of a man.” I guess I should blame my mom and dad for their good genes, LMAO!

    Right now, I don’t bother with the 20 somethings anymore. They are way too concerned about how I make them look in public and how I make their girlfriends look. The 30 somethings ignore me until they become desperate to procreate. Father Time slowly closes their window of motherhood and Mother Nature starts pushing the gravity button. I do get a bit of attention from moms, grandmoms or women much older than me. Most are in their mid-late 40’s to early-mid 50’s and I don’t mind entertaining these ladies once in a while. They’re all looking for attention and companionship that most tall guys won’t give them anymore. Funny how all of a sudden this short guy is a worthy male commodity? Some older ladies, the tall ones in particular still have reservations against short guys but that’s OK. I guess like most tall women of any age, they feel their height gives them permission to talk down and be rude to shorter guys. I know a lot of tall women absolutely hate it when a short guy approaches them. It used to bother me getting shot down and insulted but it really doesn’t anymore because I don’t go advertising to these women what they’re missing out on in me. Curiosity can be a very good thing and I know I am a good man with a good heart. I just make sure to protect myself and only give so much of myself when I figure out their grand scheme. I don’t get tired of women wanting a sugar daddy or a baby daddy. I just tell them I don’t qualify for that, show them my empty pockets and they quickly lose interest and look elsewhere. Ain’t no sweat off my back that’s for sure.

    So short guys here’s my advice. Learn to deal with rejection and don’t let it get you down. You’ll need lots of practice dealing with it because it’s bound to happen more often. Don’t stop chatting up women you find attractive because doing nothing and whinning about it will get you nowhere. Don’t try and compete with tall guys because they will always have it easier in the dating world. Our society emphasizes greatness and masculinity with height. Should it make you less of a man? Absolutely not! Your goal in life is to stand up straight, be character driven and have confidence in yourself.