Jokes are jokes, but eating disorders are no laughing matter. Rihanna who is adored and envied for her toned and curvy frame took to Twitter to make a joke about her preparation for her shoot for Esquire Magazine.

While Rihanna is known for pushing the envelope with her tweets, this time she went too far and outraged many followers who responded saying they were offended. Via Vibe Vixen:

One fan tweeted:“@rihanna starve?? why?? thats a bad message to your fans ri-ri im dissapointed,” tweeted one follower.

Another tweeted: “@rihanna what a great role model telling your 6 1/2 million followers that the way to get ready for a magazine cover is to ‘starve’ urself”

Rihanna hasn’t responded.

Some might argue that people can’t take a joke and are too sensitive in regard to starvation and body image. But the reality is there are impressionable young women that look up to Rihanna and could go to dangerous lengths including anorexia to be thin.

Do you think Rihanna should be more responsible when tweeting? Or should her audience lighten up since she was just making a joke?


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