In her new video for “A Boss”, Syleena invites her little brother, Chad Ochocinco along for the ride. What say you Clutchettes- love it or leave it alone?

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  • Real TALK

    I think some of these people on here are sick and stupid. Syleena is the bomb this song is awesome and i love the video with her son in it and ochocinco is fine. Yall just hating cuz yall don’t have a life. Syleena is young still. 33 is NOT old…get a life and clue.

  • iammalone

    @real thought…you sound like a damn fool! Who told you she was any where near 40? It would be best if you did more research before leaving a comment like the one you left. It may not be for you and just say that. I don’t give a fuck it someone was a hundred,
    good vocals and good production is what I look for! There used to be a time where the song you heard wasn’t really sang by the artist you saw dummy. People jamming to it so fuck what you talkin bout cuz iammalone said so.

  • Low Go

    How tasteless is it for these “stans” on here to call a fan names like “dummy” and “idiot” for just expressing their opinion. You can’t house train everyone. Classless people are the worst but yet I guess it’s to be expected. Bottom line is If you like the song, cool. If you don’t like the song cool too. But calling people names simply because they don’t like a song after clearly expressing legitimate reasons for their dislike is a clear sign of developmental deficiencies. Grow up and get a little class people. At the end of the day, the buying public will have the final say so. If it’s a hit, it will be one and if it’s wack it won’t chart or sell PERIOD.

    • iammalone

      Here you go! U worryin’ bout to wrong things but that too is to be expected! Class is as class does and it takes one to know one…but you already know that.