From Frugivore –With all the recent stories detailing the plight of childhood obesity in American, we now have a reason to cheer — C.J. Senter. C.J. is a 10-year-old child with abs of steel and a smile that radiates through the screen. The screen? Yes, C.J. just dropped his new DVD called “C.J. The Workout Kid,” and he wants to get his peers into shape, too. According to Yahoo! Sports, C.J. started his fitness dreams after his Pop Warner football coach told his team to do a little fitness homework–and boy, did C.J. take it to the level. He started with calisthenics at home to complement football practice. After mastering push-ups and pull-ups, he added P90-X into his regimen, after catching the oft-ran informational on T.V..

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  • omg

    okay but how are his grades in school?

  • WoW

    I’d rather him have stunt growth than no ambition to do anything positive what-so-ever. Maybe this won’t affect him negatively. Good story.

  • za

    err… kid looks weird.

    love his attitude though, hope he inspires many more and that his determination doesn’t become an obsession.

  • Jay

    Is there nobody that hasn’t jumped on the P90X bandwagon? I think it’s wonderful that there are kids out there who understand how the importance of fitness, but there’s a limit for everything….