It’s quite an accomplishment to be named a fashion icon by a well-respected designer. That achievement is even more commendable when you haven’t even celebrated your 11th birthday yet.

Young starlet Willow Smith achieved that distinction when Derek Lam named her a fashion icon in Vogue Magazine. Of Willow’s spirited fashion and imaginative beauty looks, Derek said: “Naturally talented, charismatic, unblemished optimism, with the whole wide world open to her possibilities and abilities. I think she is the future-forward American icon” when asked to name a person he considers a fashion icon for Vogue Magazine.

The daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow is lauded for her funky, fearless sense of style from her heart-shaped braid in “Whip My Hair” music video to her pink Converse sneaker-pants at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

She has named Rihanna as one of her fashion inspirations and Mariel Haenn as her stylist.

What do you think of Derek Lam naming Willow Smith a fashion icon?

Scroll through some of Willow’s boldest looks below.

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  • I think it’s ridiculous! She’s a child, let her enjoy being such without giving her stupid labels. Doubt she dresses herself, buys her clothes etc. And who besides Lam is she an icon to? Other 10 y/olds?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, she’s a child, but she’s also a child star. Fashion comes with the territory for her. She’s sees what’s going on around her. She knows what’s in and what’s not. It’s apart of her world. Kids her age have lots imagination and creativity, so I believe she does have a hand in picking out her own clothes. And even if she didn’t, what adult celebrity doesn’t have a stylist? This girl has done movies, modeling, and she has hit songs, I’m sure she can afford to buy her own clothes, even if she doesn’t. Besides, her parents are Will and Jada! What else would expect from the offspring of such Silver Screen Royalty? Willow is probably just doing Willow, doing her own thing, not worrying about what anybody has to say. I commend her for that!

    • Yaiyo

      Look at the Disney crew that is NOT diverse…yes, other 10. Year olds ARE the market!

  • Ash

    Willow is definitely a fashion icon! I anticipate her transition into womanhood to see how it reflects her funky fashion.