From Frugivore — Who said that the Southerners are not about their health. Even though scientists have named the Southern United States the “Diabetes Belt,” some youngsters are taking it upon themselves to change the Southern dining culture.

A few weeks back, a South Georgia 10-years-old C.J. Senter set the internet ablaze with his workout video, “C.J. The Workout Kid,” aimed at his peers who don’t want fall into the grips of childhood obesity brought on by a sedentary lifestyle full of video games and 24-hour child-centric T.V. networks.

Now that C.J. has the fitness market sewn up, let Frugivore introduce you to a South Florida chef, who wants you to use his new cookbook to live healthy.

Meet Chazz Darby, who is all about using his knowledge of the kitchen to help the young and old enjoy alike his nutritious meals.

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