Um. I definitely don’t want to become one of those people who agonizes over every detail of  celebrity’s life at the time of their passing, but I need some clarity on this one. Late singer Amy Winehouse was reportedly in the process of adopting a 10-year-old St. Lucian girl when she died last weekend, according to the child’s family.

Winehouse had allegedly gotten very close with young Dannika Augustine, who she met during one of her many stays on the island some two years ago. The Mirror reports that the child’s mother was struggling to feed her daughter and that the troubled singer took a shining to the little girl after meeting her through grandmother Marjorie Lambert, who runs a bar.

Dannika told a reporter “Amy was already my mother. I would call her mum and she would call me her ­daughter. She took care of me and we had fun together. I loved her and she loved me. She was the most amazing person and I was looking forward to living with her here or in London. I cannot believe she is gone. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

According to Lambert, Winehouse told her “‘ I want to adopt Dannika. I want to take her to England.'” She claims that the singer “wanted to have a child so bad. If she had not died, there is no doubt she would be here in St Lucia ­completing the adoption process. There is no way she would have done what she did to herself if Dannika was with her.”

Dannika’s father, Vic Augustine, lives in Germany and says that he also gave his blessing for the adoption.  “Amy called me from my mother’s mobile phone. She said: ‘Hello, Marjorie’s lovely son. I wanted to talk to you because I feel like you are my brother. Marjorie has become like a mother to me’…I thanked Amy for taking care of my daughter, and she said: ‘Dannika is taking care of me. I couldn’t live ­without her’… my mother had told me about Amy and I knew she could give my daughter a wonderful life. I said if my mum thought it was a good idea, then it was OK with me. I also spoke to Dannika’s mother and she said she would agree to it.”

Lambert describes her own nurturing relationship with the singer: “She looked down, troubled. But I did my best to help her get better. I would insist that she ate food. “I’d tell her: ‘You have to love yourself. You are beautiful, don’t listen to what people say. You are Amy, you are strong, you are a lioness.’ She said: ‘Oh ­mamma, you are trying to flatter me.’ She didn’t believe it. She was ­insecure. She needed someone to tell her who she was…Amy was never happier than when she was in St Lucia. We miss her so much. I keep ­thinking she is going to walk in and give me a big hug like she always used to.”

Reps for Winehouse have denied the adoption claims.

While I am sure Winehouse and Dannika’s family had a loving and mutually supportive relationship…you can’t just give a child to someone simply because that person is a woman of means! What if that young girl had been in the house to find her adoptive mother dead? And if the family is exaggerating this story in order to get paid…I can’t…


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