There goes my iPhone…

AT&T announced plans to purchase T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom in March, which would have given the company forty three percent of the entire US mobile phone market. However, the US Department of Justice has requested a court order to block the merger, stating it would violate anti-trust laws. Both the DOJ and the FCC must give their blessing before the deal can go forward.

“The combination of AT&T and T-Mobile would result in tens of millions of consumers all across the United States facing higher prices, fewer choices and lower quality products for mobile wireless services,” said Deputy Attorney General James Cole. “Consumers across the country, including those in rural areas and those with lower incomes, benefit from competition among the nation’s wireless carriers, particularly the four remaining national carriers. This lawsuit seeks to ensure that everyone can continue to receive the benefits of that competition.”

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon combined provide ninety percent of the country’s cell phone services, according to BBC News. The Department of Justice has accused T-Mo of being a “disruptive force” in the mobile industry by driving prices down too agressively. The DOJ has not seen my T-Mo bill, apparently, and they need to stop hating because WE NEED THE PRICES TO BE LOW. Aggressively low.

To curry favor for the merger, AT&T had offered to bring back to the US some 5,000 jobs which had previously been outsourced. The company also claims that the deal would bring some 96,000 new jobs to the states.

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  • My first cell phone contract was with AT&T and don’t believe the hype, they’ll have you scrapimg the bucket to pay a bill that’s supposed to be affordable. I’ve been with TMobile since 2010 & I love it. I hope AT&T doesn’t get the right to buy them. If so, I’m out.

  • new moon

    #jumpsupanddown# This is great news! At&t was horrible, which drove to me T-Mobile and I’ve been loyal for 4 years now. However, I’m not sure what they were saying about T-Mobile aggressively driving down prices bc my Bill reflects something differant…I’m paying a large bill. But my Babe’s with Verizon and he pays more for the same plan so… Go Department of Justice (just this once)

  • dragonlady73

    AT&T’s service SUCKS!!!!!! My sister has been with them since they were Cingular (over 9 yrs) and when they changed to AT&T the service was dreadful. We had them for our work cells and I was with Cingular, but when they were bought out and I saw how crappy the service was I jumped shipped right over to T Mobile. I have no complaints. I was grandfathered in on the 5Favs plan. I could care less about an I Phone. I am a button pusher and loyal Crackberry addict!!!! I wasn’t looking forward to the merger because as stated before–their service is sub par and too expensive. You have to add everything. At least with T Mo you have unlimited and that is all inclusive with a smart phone plan. AT&T you have to add the unlimited text and that whole business with the internet usage is just crazy. And for those who crave I Phones–you can buy one and unlock it for usage on T MO

  • Clnmike

    Not a good thing when competition is taken out.

  • oknow

    well i’m a VZW user and i love VZW.. There plans are more expensive but i get a discount plus i don’t have a data plan.. when u incorporate everything unlimited and a data plan it boosts the plan price up.. yeah i knw, boost, metro pcs, virgin mobile, and cricket have $50 plans but i need good customer service, good in house tech support when necessary, and reliable connectivity..

    i thought about t-mobile but there plans aren’t that cheap either and the phone prices are out of control.. they have a promotion for 2 lines $50 apiece but u have to purchase cel phones @ the orig price then pay for it over a 2yr period.. that’s a gyp..

    i’ll stay w/VZW and pay my lil $40 a month w/out a data plan..