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  • just-me

    If you dont like her them why click on the video? why comment? why not just move on to the next article? it seems a little catty and haterish…

  • Pearlsrevealed

    I love this video. Many artist have used films as inspiration. Rappers once took cues from Scarface all the time. HELLO. Prince guitar licks. Most artist sample. AlgeBUH. Doesn’t this drive home the fact that she don’t know much about it. It’s word play people. You lovers of ignorant rap! Those cats misspell their names and use incorrect grammar errrrr…vry chance a mic is in front of their pie holes. HYPOCRITES. Some say its boring. She don’t need no dancers. It’s called “1+1”. Get it? I like the effects. I rather that instead of dancers with weaves. Also there have been a couple videos featuring naked men and women and lighting only. Her embrace with anonymous dude is the better than the others. Lawd, I am defending Bey. The apocalypse is at hand. Where is my personal handbasket?

    To each his own.