You didn’t think Beyonce was going to let the September 2011 issues go by without gracing the cover of an American mainstream magazine, did you?

The superstar, who is currently performing in New York as a part of her “4 Nights of 4” series, rocks the cover of InStyle Magazine in a Dolce & Gabbana starry print dress.

Check out the video below as Beyonce brings out her wild side in a shoot with a snake at the Guggenheim Mansion:

The Party singer caused a bit of a stir by posing with a snake for the inside pages. Some have called it insensitive to animals while others find it sexy and refreshingly different than her usual editorials.

What do you think of her InStyle cover and behind-the-scenes video? Do you think Beyonce posing with snakes is a big deal?

-Kamille Cooper

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  • The photo shoot looks fab. People need to stop all the unnecessary animal cruelty mumbo jumbo. Why complain that she’s posing with one, when is has shoes and handbags as well. Get over it.

  • Why so greasy…girls.

  • Aaliyah has been there and done that…

  • CarCarCarlyCc

    My mother always said that people who pose with snakes are going to have extremely bad luck. I’m wondering if she’ll be right about Beyonce…