Thought Bird flu was behind you- think again.

Recent reports are that the virus, formally known as H1N1, has resurfaced in Asia and this time more potent than before.

The new virus H5N1 has been spotted in poultry in China and Viet Nam. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FOA), the latest appearances of the mutated virus could mark a major resurgence of the strain that incited so much panic in the past flu seasons.

“Viet Nam’s veterinary services are on high alert and reportedly considering a novel, targeted vaccination campaign this fall. Virus circulation in Viet Nam poses a direct threat to Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia as well as endangering the Korean peninsula and Japan further afield. Wild bird migration can also spread the virus to other continents.

The countries where H5N1 is still firmly entrenched – Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia and Vietnam – are likely to face the biggest problems but no country can consider itself safe.”


With our worlds ever growing globalization, the likelihood of the virus spreading in transport has risen tremendously. Since the virus was first detected in 2003, 565 people have been infected. There have been 331 documented deaths, the latest occurring earlier this month in Cambodia.

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  • d_nicegirl

    And please stay your butt at home when you are hacking and snotting and what not! Dammit! This chick keeps passing by spreading her contagion to the whole damned office! Geesh! I hate open door policies!

  • Yulez

    I thought H1N1 was the Swine Flu? So we got pig and bird flu out in the atmosphere, mixing it up with good ole seasonal flu? Jesus be a fence.

  • Nik

    H1N1 is the virus that causes “swine flu”. This reads as if the writer thinks that H1N1 was previously bird flu that went away, then mutated into a new virus that resurfaced to affect birds again. Or, did it mutate from the virus that originally caused Swine flu into a virus that now affects birds? I’m confused.

    • Nik

      I see that there’s a strain of H1N1 that affects birds too.

  • Welp

    This is very scary. The article I read about this on msnbc.com said that of the 565 people who caught H5N1 331 died. I don’t like those odds.


    However another article on the same site says that the higher mortality rate is because of a later diagnosis date.


    So there you have it.