Boris Kodjoe was just the latest celeb to cause a bit of Twitter drama over the weekend, but instead of using his timeline to fire off negative tweets toward his followers, he used platform to educate and inspire women to get healthy.

After tweeting about a nightmare about an overweight woman, many wondered if Kodjoe had a problem with thick sisters.

He tweeted: Like a baby. Had nightmares though about 300 pound women in thongs gnawing on chicken wings while grinding on me. Scary.

Immediately, women shot Kodjoe angry tweets, questioning what he was really trying to say. Kodjoe reassured them he loved all ladies—short, dark, tall, light, big, and small—but wanted more Black women to be healthy.

He cited the statistics, and began discussing how weight contributes to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and began giving tips for his followers on how to live a healthier life.


Kodojoe also challenged Black women (who make up the majority of his fan base), to stop making excuses for being fat.

Although Black women’s relationship with weight is far more complicated than Kodjoe made it seem, everyone can benefit from his advice to live healthier lives.


How do you define what’s ‘healthy’? Do you use weight, BMI, dress size or some other measures? 

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