Actor, husband and father Boris Kodjoe got a little loose with his lips over the weekend on Twitter, but for a good cause. He tweeted a statement in regards to African-Americans that are on the heavy side and started a trending topic called #FATEXCUSES. He wrote:

“Had nightmares though about 300 pound women in thongs gnawing on chicken wings while grinding on me. Scary. Gotta Love North Carolina.”

As you can imagine the statement raised some eyebrows and his female followers asked if he had a problem with big women. In response, he revealed that he loved all types of women and that he wanted African-Americans as a community to be more conscientious of being healthy.

The trending topic that he started was to recognize the reasons why people are overweight and why they refuse to shake off the pounds. For example, he tweeted:

“Fat Excuse -’I HAVE NO MONEY FOR A GYM’ Go in the park and walk, bike, walk stairs, do it in your bedroom, do the Boogie…again”

While his rant does have some truth to it, many followers took offense to his assertion that many black women are obese; they also felt his trending topic “#FatExcuses” implies that these women are lazy.

Was it wrong for Boris to share his thoughts on obesity with the world? Do you agree with him?

-Krystal Holmes


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  • I think weight is a sensitive issue so there will always be people who are offended. Period. Also, while Black people do need to be more health conscious it’s not fair to place judgement on fat people. Everyone has to come to their own moment of reality. I don’t see the media as a force driving anyone to lose weight healthily and keep it off.

  • Rukiya

    Let me say this. It is not just African Americans who have an obesity problem, it is Americans as a whole. I will agree with that. But comments such as the ones he made are enough to do more damage than good. Comments like these are enough to make severely obese women not want to leave the house, let alone go and exercise and feel comfortable about it. If was really concerned he would have found a better way to say it. And for the record you can be a healthy eater, regular exerciser and still be “fat”.

  • val

    I think he was trying to be funny. But the joke was terrible, like the acting he tries to do. I am surprised to here this cause after all his so called plays he has no problem taking photos with Plyus Sized ladies. All Boris has going for him is his looks so thats all he can joke about. He doesnt give 2 sh**s about the status of obesity in the community. Just an excuse to get out of a terrible joke. Get a job boris. He has to much time on his hands.

  • val

    When u are pregnant its not the time to try and be slim. But you must get with your prenatals. I agree with Libby. Healthy? OK