Tyra Banks is facing rumors of low ratings for America’s Next Top Model head-on. For the next cycle, she is presenting an All-Star cast of favorite contestants from seasons past for more drama, photoshoots and a second chance at winning.

Among the full lineup, get ready to see Bianca Golden of Cycle 9, Bre Scullark of Cycle 5 and Camille McDonald of Cycle 2.

Click here for the full lineup.

Will you tune in? Who else would you have liked to see?

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  • Not sure about this. The promo pics even look bad/cheap, and by bad I don’t mean good. I’ll have to see how this one plays out. Looks like a half-assed attempt to win fans back. Not convinced.

  • jones

    Bianca…with the beautiful long hair? Yes, I will watch…the other lady looks to old….she should be retiring not starting…