It’s hard not to love Zoe Saldana.

From her Drumline days to her Avatar success, Saldana has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most called on actresses. This month she can bee seen in spreads in several magazines and gracing the cover of Ebony as well.

This month, the actress is making her mark in theatres with the action flick, Colombiana, where she plays a female assassin on the path of revenge. And while the Latina and Black actress is a sweetheart in person, she has no problem playing the tough roles on the big screen:

Saldana’s action roots run deep. The actress, 33, grew up partly in the Dominican Republic, where she learned to climb mango trees and gut fresh-caught fish. She remembers herself as “a feminine tomboy. I had my plastic swords, my ninja stars—but I still wore lipstick.”

Saldana spent a decade wasted in sidekick parts until 2009’s Star Trek and her xenolinguistics expert, Uhura. (Saldana herself speaks four languages—five if you count Na’vi.) Next year she’ll trade the martial arts for a couple of marital dramas, though don’t expect any doting wives: “It gets pretty boring when all you are is the support system for a male character,” she says. “I want to be in the small percentage of women who don’t settle for conventional roles.”


What do you think of Zoe’s spread for GQ?  Are you planning to see Columbiana?  Tell us what you think Clutchettes!

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  • LeBraun

    Agree Karla. Why didn’t luc Benson just call the movie Frenches revenge and use Zoe Saldana as the main character. I mean their are Afro French people who live in France and speak French fluently.Example Cheick Kongo is Afro French. In fact they speak better french than Zoe can speak Spanish. I mean Paris is a hub or Drugs and guns and illegal activities like the drug trade.

    Instead of trying to ruin Colombia’s beautiful image and people & the Latin culture why not just taint his own French culture. Also their is Afro English, Afro Japanese, Afro Chinese, ect ect but lets be clear. While their is all these people when you think let say of Japanese you don’t think of Afro Japanese even though their is some just like Zoe doesn’t pop into you mind when you say Latina. You think Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria, ect ect. I mean their is a Afro Colombian population and they have tried to keep their roots & original language. Look up Palenque in Colombia on youtube. These people are honorable people who are way more inspiring then Zoe Saldana but have had to fight to keep their culture alive & fight being Latinized because many are not seen as part of the Latin community. Maybe the rich and famous & successful but that is about it.

    Just copy and paste the link below on youtube.

    Palenque San Basilio, Bolivar, Maroon Community in Colombia