In 2011, it still saddens me when cases of racial stereotyping happen, especially in the case of children. The Lifetime series “Dance Moms” displayed an undertone of racial stereotyping in last night’s episode.

Usually, the show is about the ongoing battle between mothers living out their dreams through their young daughters. It took a twist when the only African-American girl on the show, Nia, was required to wear a leopard outfit with an Afro wig while performing a dance number called “LaQueefa.”

Holly, Nia’s mother, was immediately offended by the stereotyping but ironically still put her daughter through the performance and purchased her the Afro wig.

The owner of the dance studio, Abbey, was rather blunt about the fact that she knew she was racially stereotyping Nia. She said that she needed to learn her “ethnic” dance. The mother and Abbey went back and forth and unsurprisingly, nothing was resolved.

With such disrespect, if I were a mother, I would have pulled my child out of the show with urgency. Racial stereotyping in general is outrageous but especially should never be placed on children.

Watch the video here via Jezebel.

What do you think of racial stereotyping taught to little girls? Would you have let your daughter perform?

-Krystal Holmes


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  • dave mahoney

    Laqueefa is someone who has an extreme tendency to queef. Seems like Abby was just trying to push the envelope knowing shes got fame behind her and the network wouldn’t drop her over this. She could always say that she had no intentions of offending anyone if it came down to that. The mother could quit the studio but would lose her fame if she did. So Abby’s got her by the ball sack. Someone should queef in Abby’s face.

  • honeyxzillah

    yeah, i’d kick Abby in her face if she suggested my daughter do some crap like that. we would be finding a different studio, nothing is worth sacrificing your self-respect over. every concession one makes for a person who disrespects you adds up in the psyche in a bad way.

    wtf is an ethnic dance, anyway?

    no one should pay for another person’s ignorance, just ridiculous.

  • Kim Fenwick

    Hey Holly,

    Please throw away that Ivy league doctorate. You and your daughter have set black people back 200 years. Not only have you allowed your daughter to perform as a buffoon, but you continue to finance it. My daughters will never watch this show. Girlfriend, you should have gone to an HBCU….you would have received a GREAT education. Ummph, video is forever.

  • Amber

    This episode was terrible. I’m 19 & a dancer. Currently a junior dance major pursuing a BFA in Dance. I had problems with both the mother & Abby during this episode. First off, the fact that Abby called THAT ethnic dance REALLY bothered me. People referring to just African dance styles as ethnic dance bothers me period since I believe that even ballet should be considered an ethnic dance form (check out “An Anthropologist Looks at Ballet as a Form of Ethnic Dance” if interested). Also, the choice of music & movement was just upsetting for me! But the problem I had with the mother were her feelings about the afro. She made a statement that it’s 2011, we don’t wear afros anymore. o_O we don’t? I can’t even say anymore. The whole situation upset me. SMH

  • Jasmine

    I actually danced for Abbey about 15 years ago and she hasn’t changed a bit. I do think the fame is going to her head and this would just bring her more attention. It doesn’t matter what kind of attention she gets and at who’s expense it comes. She is definitely going great lengths to get ratings. To be honest, if Holly she should have stood her ground and not allowed her child to wear the costume.

    Abbey’s attitude toward dancing has always been extreme. She bullied me when I was younger and danced for her. My mother pulled me from the dance studio soon after. Granted, many of her students have gone to Broadway, but looking back, it amazed me how badly she would talk to the students… and we were kids.

    I’ve never had respect for Abbey and still don’t.