From Frugivore— I love a good dance class. I could salsa all day, confront the challenges of African dance, and attempt to stretch myself down a pole, all in the good name of exercise. Often, many people fail to workout consistently because it’s not always a “fun” activity. Unsurprisingly, dance has become a solution to exercise boredom and obstacles. When there’s a little music, flirtatious energy, and laughter in the room, you’d be surprised how many people will keep moving for an hour to perfect a routine that’s working all the same muscles as a treadmill. Below is a list of five dance exercises that might change your life. Who would’ve thought exercise could be fun!

African Dance: With the energy of live drummers and an instructor that could probably “go” for hours, it’s difficult not to push yourself to exercise. Everything from high jumps to hip shaking inhabits these classes, forcing students to bust a smile through, at times, agonizing routines. African Dance classes are offered at many cultural centers and gyms. Techniques range depending on the instructor’s regional focus (West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, etc.) for dance routines.

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