The third season of VH1’s hit reality show, “Basketball Wives,” is coming to an end next week and it appears to be a dozy.  All of the drama, catfights, and general backstabbing have led up to this—one hell of an episode.

Earlier this week Twitter timelines blew up after the season finale promo showed a heated confrontation between Jen and her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Eric Williams. After going through a contentious divorce, wrought with arguments and drama, the two sat down for dinner—perhaps to discuss the end of their relationship. During the course of the night, things got—predictably—heated and Williams threw a drink in his wife’s face.

To me throwing a drink on someone is akin to spitting on them—it’s the ultimate form of disrespect. But the force with which Eric hurled the drink at Jen? Utterly shocking.


After the clip aired, people were outraged. My timeline filled with stories of what my friends would do if a man hurled a drink a them, some even recounted their own experiences with a drink-throwing-man (one remembered squeezing said man’s balls). But everyone expressed their utter displeasure with Williams’ actions.

But apparently, he just chalked it up to “hoes hating.” Williams, who is an avid Twitter user, took to his page to explain why he threw a drink on his ex-wife.

“Shiddd!! Jesus had 2 cast out 7 Demons from that One Hoe Mary!! She turned out fine, So why u Hoes Mad at Me… LMAO!!,” Williams tweeted.

“Ahh. I [see] things [are] back to normal on my page. Hoes Hating cause I through HOE-LY Water on a Woman who had a Demon in her. I tried 2 Cast it out!”

Williams personifies the phrase, “Who hurt you?”

His tantrums and Twitter rants show a man who clearly wasn’t hugged enough growing up. But as a grown man, it’s time for him to either deal with his issues or stop subjecting others to his rage. Either way…he needs to get it together. Fast. 


Has someone ever thrown a drink on you? How did you handle it?

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