I like Wale, I really do. His D.C. swag, offbeat flow, his older mixtapes where he seemed to be one of the most introspective rappers in the game, but sometimes…he, like all of us, takes a left turn and ends up saying things he just shouldn’t.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Twitter will turn heroes into herbs. Quick. Filling my timeline with b.s. “advice” (hello, Tyrese) or constant beef (peace to Chris Brown), is just not my idea of fun. I use Twitter to network, have interesting conversations, and expand the reach of my social network, so following celebrities for the sake of following a celebrity does little for me.

But every now and then I’ll peak in on their timelines, and well…I’m usually disappointed.

Last night, after his performance in Philly, Wale decided to engage in a little Twitter beef with a follower. This wasn’t his first time at the disco, as he’s been involved in Twitter shenanigans before, but this seemed to come out of left field.

After model and dancer Rosa Acosta tweeted, “@Wale went into the crowd and some security had to save him #CreativeIdeaFail #RedStarAccess,” when Wale apparently had issues at the show, he took offense and decided to “go in.”


Now, I understand jokes, I crack them often. And maybe Wale and Rosa have history (who knows), but her initial comment about his problems getting to the stage, didn’t seem to warrant such a response.

Wale’s jabs at Rosa Acosta about her looks and how she makes money were just…low. His insistance to label her a whore and constantly discuss her body, made me uncomfortable. I’ve noticed that when men and women disagree, the easiest thing some men try to do to marginalize a woman’s opinion is to bring up her body, her looks, or question her sexual values. It’s cheap, easy, and I thought Wale was better than that.

As someone who enjoys Wale’s music, not only for the beats, but for his actual lyrics, I was throughly disappointed.


*Photo of tweets courtesy of Hello Beautiful

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  • D-Chubb

    And isn’t Wale the one feuding with Kola Boof?

  • Tiffany

    Everything he said was valid. But that’s not the point. In responding to a relatively benign comment with such a rash barrage of insults, he showed us his character. And he walks away looking no more enlightened than the person he was trying to tear down, in my opinion.

  • margaret

    Whats this nonesense about she started it and she could have commented without mentioning him?

    i read her TL and what she said what not offensive but what actually happened. also, if she had tweeted without mentioning him, word would have gotten back to Wale and make matters worse. people would say she’s talking behind his back and what not.

    i like Wale, as far as his music goes but Wale as a person, ( i do not know him personally, never met him before …) what he presents on twitter, i dislike him. Nigerians are very egotistical and he has that characteristic. He claims to be down for women and all sort of bullshit but he is bashing her. this isnt the first time wale has bashed people that do not agree with him…. he had a twitter fight with a girl that was 15 -_____- he is a grown ass man and need to learn how to control his damn emotions. He is always having a twitter fight and it is getting old!

    the sad part of this are the girls that are attacking Rosa Acosta on her mentions and also his fans that bandwagoning and attack people that do not agree with Wale. i Can’t wait until it happen to them.

    Wale himself said he doesnt like to be criticize well then he is in the wrong business and need to get his shit together cause ego is the biggest downfall of most Nigerians. get your shit together Wale!