It’s the weekend: the two days closest to all of our hearts (with Friday night coming just behind them). Saturday is king; all day off with the promise of no work the next morning; Sunday has the downside of being so close to Monday but she’s special in her own right. Here are a few suggested ways to get some extra miles out of the weekend! Be selfish and do YOU…at least for a few hours!

1) Go For A Walk: It sounds silly, but how many of us actually take the time to explore our environments on foot? And not just by walking to the corner store for chips or to the car. If the weather cooperates, take some time to get reacquainted with the beauty of your surroundings, be they city or country. If walking around your ‘hood feels less than peaceful, find your nearest botanical gardens and check out the flowers. Use this time to clear your head and connect with yourself…or invite a honey dip and get your Jill Scott on!

2) Call Your Mama: For those Clutchettes who have traveled away from the nest, don’t let school, the grind or the party life keep you from talking to your folks. Make time this weekend to dial up some of your family and let them know how much you care. If possible, try to make this a pleasant conversation; save the beef for another time.

3) Do Something New: If you find yourself to be a creature of habit-same coffee shop, same bar, same nail salon, vow to switch up at least one thing thiis weekend! Try the new thai place for after work nosh with your friends, browse the stacks at the bookstore you’ve been meaning to visit for months or simply try a bold lipstick in lieu of your tried and true MAC Oh Baby Lipglass.

4) Mack On Something: Single Clutchettes only, please! Find a cutie at the gym, the club or even on the bus, put any nervousness aside and turn on the charm. Even if you aren’t looking to be swept off your feet right now, a little flirting can be fun and may add a little pep to your step.

5) Get Some Rest: Too many of us are out here looking like raccoons because we just can’t say no to not even one social event…stop the madness! Skip the happy hour tonight and sleep-in if you plan to party down Saturday night! Take an after church nap Sunday so you won’t be so rundown for Monday AM.


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