If there’s any trend that was evident at the 2011 Teen Choice awards, it was bold lips. Red, orange and pink lipstick were the icing on the beauty cake for Tyra Banks among others who flaunted “look-at-me” lip colors. Although, a popping lip color is an excellent way to accentuate your beauty, you have to apply it correctly for a smudge-free, long-lasting finish. Here’s how to master a bold lip color:

1. After you’ve primed your face, start by applying concealer to the outer edges of your mouth. This helps eliminate smudging around the mouth. Be sure to blend, so you don’t look ashy in the lip area.

2. Next, add a lip primer to create a smooth foundation for your lip product and to help preserve the color’s longevity.

3. Lip liner is your lip’s BFF. Start by tracing lips, and begin to fill them in with the shade. This helps define the lips shape. Blend this as well to avoid harsh line.

4. Next, add your desired lipstick. If you’re new to the lipstick world, start with a matter color. That way you’re taking a somewhat subtle approach to a look that may seem a little intimidating at first.

5. Use a tissue to blot the lipstick to help set the color and remove excess oils.

What do you think of Tyra’s lip color? Are you a fan of bold lips? Which hues?

-Margaret Francois


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