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  • Am I the only one who thinks this song sucks? I didn’t even bother watching the video because it would have to be on mute and without his face in the video.

    • Nope, i could do without it too…

    • So I actually watched the video thanks to vsb (if you don’t know them you should). It’s actually pretty good though I can still do without the song.

    • CaliDreaming86

      Am I the only one who couldn’t care less about Lil Wayne and any other Black celebrity who pretends to be positive for the moment to get people talking about them?

  • Pink

    Who cares about Lil Wayne and what he has to say? No one but misguided young people. I’m tired of him and Flava Flav types in my estimation they are an embarrassment.

  • Priceless

    I find it ironic that he has a song called “how to love” but has a few kids of of wedlock by different women. He has contributed to some of these broken hearts.
    The sad part is, there will be guillable misguided females out there who will actually like this song as if it has any meaning….waiting for the next lil wayne hit ..calling women bitches and hoes !!

    • keke

      Thank you! I couldn’t have said it better myself. He is part of the problem. When you listen to his music he talks about King of Diamonds and all of these other strip clubs yet he shows a broken woman resulting to being a stripper and a prostitute all because of the instability and abuse she experienced as a child.

      He has kids by different women and I believe he has a few girls. What is he teaching is daughters??

    • BOOTZ

      he has one daughter

    • Priceless

      @ BOOTZ: he has 4.

    • CaliDreaming86
  • KeeKee

    Who the f*k cares about how to love a grimlin? I dont.

  • Slurpee

    I actaully like this song I think his voice is actually good and that hes changing I guess he finally greww up and is understanding his mistakes and writing a song about the consequences. I’m ready to see what’s next!