From Frugivore –– Coconut Water is raw-food staple; it’s in almost every guru’s kitchen as a natural electrolyte supplement. Many raw foodist, as well as health-conscious individuals, embraced coconut water because of it’s long list of health benefits.

Filled with electrolytes like sodium and magnesium, it’s a natural isotonic that re-hydrates your body just like Gatorade without the e-numbers, sugars, and chemicals sports.

But, that reputation may not be entirely deserved. According to a report released today by an independent health-product testing firm, the nutritional content of some brands of coconut water doesn’t live up to what’s on the label.

According to researchers at ConsumerLab.com coconut water may just be sugar water — clear. The laboratory tested the sodium, potassium, magnesium, and sugar content of three leading brands of coconut water, and they found that only one, Zico Natural, contained the stated amount for all four ingredients.

The sugar and potassium content in the other two brands, Vita Coco and O.N.E., also matched the label. But the amounts of sodium and magnesium—two nutrients key to hydration—were as much as 82% and 35% lower, respectively, than the listed amount.

The main point here, is if you’re looking for electrolytes, these aren’t necessarily going to do it — instead, drink water and get sodium and potassium from foods like bananas and/or celery.

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