As if plain ol’ street harassment wasn’t enough, now women have to deal with the crazies over at D*ckflash.com, a site that allows members to discuss the best ways to publicly expose themselves to others. And apparently, that means targeting women of color.

In one posting, a D*ckflash member suggests targeting Black and Asian women because they are less likely to call the police.

He writes:

“No white women over the age of 25 unless you have a wicked getaway plan. Flash Asian women or black women, Asian’s are too embarrassed to call the cops and black women think it’s funny.”

What’s interesting is that even in this man’s sick mind, white women (of a certain age) are off limits. Is it because they are too mature? Apt to call the police? Or is it because he feels White women are “too good” to be put through such a public embarrassment?  And his assertion about Black and Asian women is flawed and rooted in stereotypes. Personally,  if some fool put his junk in my face he’d be up for the good curse out AND I’m calling the cops.

Keep it in your pants, fellas.

Ladies, have you ever been targeted by a flasher? How did you handle it? 

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