Photo Credit: New York Post

While his partner will be spending a year in jail, the second cop in the New York “Rape Cops” trial will be behind bars just 60 days.

Franklin Mata, 28, was tearful at his sentencing, claiming he never intended for anything bad to happen the night he and his partner, Kenneth Moreno escorted a young fashion executive back to her apartment. Pleading for leniency, Mata said:

“I didn’t think that one night would end up costing me 2 1/2 years of my life and my career…I never meant for anyone to get hurt that night.”

Both Mata and Moreno were acquitted for rape and burglary, despite video showing the two men returning to the lobby of the woman’s East Village apartment. The trail came down to the word of the two cops and the intoxicated woman who claimed Moreno raped her while Mata stood watch outside her apartment.

The New York Post reports:

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gregory Carro, who had harsh words for Moreno at his sentencing, also let Mata have it. Carro also declined his request for no jail time, saying Mata clearly “was not telling the full truth” when he testified

“For some reason you continued to carry your partner’s bags throughout the trial,” the judge said. “Your testimony clearly…it wasn’t wholly truthful.

“Maybe [Moreno’s] attorney was referring to you when he said ‘simpleton.’ Maybe you are the simpleton following the fox. I don’t hold you in the same light as your co-defendant.”


Carro told Mata:

“Forever you will be a disgraced police officer.”

Mata is free on bond until his September 12 appeal hearing. He is expected to serve his time at New Yorks Riker’s Island.

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