A lot of us like to pretend that Black mothers are the only ones that go hard with the discipline…try this story on for size: Jessica Beagley was so desperate to get on Dr. Phil (blank stare) that she punished her son by pouring hot sauce in his mouth and giving him extremely cold showers. She was found guilty of child abuse and received a suspended sentence of 180 days, three years probation, court mandated counselling and a $2,500 fine. Considering that she could have gotten a year in prison and a $10k fine, she’s a lucky woman. Oh, and did I mention that this goon taped the abuse to send to Oprah’s former protege? I can’t and I won’t.

While this foolishness has a lot to do with the obsession with celebrity and the reality television culture, there are parents who punish their children in such a way because they think it’s the right thing to do. What sort of physical punishments did you deal with as a kid? Are there any of you out there who find what Beagley did to be acceptable? Is a cold shower so much different from a spanking or a full out as$ whooping? Do you plan to repeat your parent’s disciplinary routine or do you think there’s a better way? Speak!





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  • Wtf? Who does this?

  • Kris

    I saw this episode. To make it worse he is adopted and has a twin brother whom she does not discipline this way at all. Her husband watched this and did nothing. So sad. I knew sooner or later she would get caught.

  • lorvibe

    cold showers are considered abuse? lol, only in America. Y’all should came to my hood in Cameroon.

    • Jenn

      A cold shower that lasts for more than a few minutes can result in hypothermia the same way falling into a cold pond will.

      Just because an action (like beating your kids) is common some place doens’t make it legal.

  • SweetPeas

    I come from a Caribbean family and yes I did get beat I also did get the hot sauce treatment, but that just made me love spicy food. This is really far from the so called “discipline” non white children get, I always here the same beating stories from my Asian and Hispanic friends.