The future Knowles-Carter child has not even entered the world and he/she is already setting records.

According to Tech Crunch, the buzz over the pea in Beyoncé’s pod set Twitter into a record breaking flurry. News of the superstar’s pregnancy garnered 8,868 tweets per second .

It’s a little surprising that baby news from a celebrity has taken the record for Tweets per Second. The previous TPS record holder took place during the final moments of the U.S. women’s soccer team’s game against Japan in July, with 7,196 Tweets per second.

In terms of past record events, Bin Laden’s death drew a significant peak in Tweets Per Second with 5,106 TPS. Super Bowl 2011 saw 4,064 TPS, and the all-time high was New Years Eve 2010 in Japan, which hit 6,939 TPS at its peak. On the day of the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami in March, Twitter usage reached 5,530 TPS. And during the Royal Wedding in England in April, Twitter reached a peak of 3,966 TPS.


While it’s hard to argue news of Jay and Beyoncé’s baby is as news worthy as the most notorious terrorist of the past decade, there’s no doubt that the world of Twitter had a lot to say about the future superstar child.

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