A new partnership between MTV and iCondom has resulted in a phone app that is largely powered by user data. The iCondom app for iPhone will allow people to search via GPS for nearby places to get condoms and encourages users to add the names of condom-dispensing locations and other important information (i.e. hours of operation, broken machines).

Mashable reports that the app falls under the umbrella of Staying Alive, a global youth HIV awareness and prevention campaign. The crowdsourcing is done to lessen the taboo of purchasing contraception and the long term goal is a global condom distribution map.

Would you use an app to find condoms? I think that there is something fun and novel about it that may compel young folks to talk about prophylactics, but I can’t recall the last time I couldn’t find one…well, I guess living in Brooklyn aka Bodegalyn (I just made that up) may have something to do with it. Speaking of NYC: the city rolled out an app to locate free condoms earlier this year.

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