Our favorite healthy foodies are back with the second episode of their fun new cooking show, Food Heaven Made Easy!

Last month, I introduced you to Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez, two New York City nutritionists who aim to teach people how to eat healthy on a budget. In their first episode the two taught viewers how to cook an entire meal using healthy and fresh ingredients for less than $10, and this time around they are showing us how to use herbs to spice up our dishes.

Bon appetite!


Do you cook with herbs? Which herbs are your favorite?

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  • Pink

    Fresh Dill is wonderful in cream cheese and also butter. Ladies I saw u using salt on the video…I hope it’s sea salt bc sea salt is better for us than regular salt.

  • Pink

    Hope we see them on the Food Network soon.Ladies please contact the food network soon. Your idea is sooooooo fresh (no pun intended) and so are you young ladies. Good Luck!!