I was there. You know, for that rumble in the digital jungle. Twitter was live on Tuesday, wasn’t it? Did the earth move for you, too? There was much disbelief that it could actually happen. I imagine that some folks were driven to their knees and stirred to pray. Tweets echoed the sound of trumpets. Surely, the rapture was upon us.

Wait. There was an earthquake in New York and DC? Word? That’s unfortunate. But I was talking about Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s rumored separation. But an earthquake? That’s crazy too.

When tabloid glossy In Touch Magazine reported that Will and Jada were separating, Twitter went into a frenzy over the story which cited a Smith family “insider” for the scoop (because it’s always a nameless, faceless insider who knows the “truth”). Some considered the source (one writer tweeted “In Touch Weekly, people? Do you trust Scooby Doo for news about Syria, too?”), while others plugged their ears to avoid hearing that the golden couple of Negronia would be stepping down from their pedestals and ending their 13-year marriage, leaving all of us hopeless romantics to wander aimlessly, searching for that relationship to which we could aspire. It seemed that all we had left were Barack and Michelle and Bill with Camille.

I’m a girl who bought a $6.00 Architectural Digest to put on my coffee table just because Will and Jada are on the cover. I totally get it. They’re a beautiful, dynamic couple so I understand the internet rumblings of stunned fans and lookers-on. What got me was the flurry of tweets and Facebook posts that had people throwing up their digital hands having lost all faith in love and romance. While reading the posts, my facial expression could have been rendered the silent equivalent of “Chick, you don’t know they life!”

We’re a culture of celebrity voyeurs and with the onset of the internet and all things mobile, we’ve only become more so. Only last weekend, we were combing the internet to catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian’s Armenian princess look at her wedding to NBA player Kris Humphries. We love celebrities, we love love, but few things are more blogworthy than celebrities in love. We love to root for Hollywood romances, but we need to root for our damn selves too.

How quickly are we willing to throw in the towel in our relationships? How many times were you ready to bounce the instant you were stuck in a basement, sittin’ on tricycle, dude gettin’ on ya nerves? How many of us were on Twitter mourning the rumored end of a Hollywood marriage, when we should have been in the other room working on our own? Are we learning anything from these famous love stories or are we just staring at the stars as if they live under tempered glass, imagining that if only dude were the king of summer blockbusters, if only honey were the face of Carol’s Daughter, we could get it together?

Will and Jada allegedly break up and we lose all hope for romance in our own lives? No one marriage should have all that power.

Only an earthquake that saw the east coast as its epicenter trumped speculation about the Smith split, and eventually, we learned that the rumors were not true. But I have to ask this: Do we put too much faith in people we don’t know as emblems of love and not enough in ourselves? Especially when we don’t know they life? What are you doing to keep your relationship intact? Even if our love heroes—movies stars or mom and dad—don’t make it, are you rooting for you?

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