At midnight, Jay-Z and Kanye West released their collaborative album Watch The Throne exclusively on iTunes (the physical CD will be available on Friday). The duo may have made Hip-Hop history for recording such a highly anticipated record and preventing it from leaking before its official release. By 2AM eastern time, the album and some of its song titles had become trending topics on Twitter, so we’re guessing that some of y’all bought it…so, what are your thoughts? Did The Throne live up to the hype or did it leave you dry? What’s your favorite track?

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  • Ms. Pillowz

    Guess I’m alone when I say, I’m getting it! And I’m going to see the show! I love what I heard. Murder of Excellence was great and I like Lift Off too.

  • Leslana Camille

    I thought it was definitely a solid album I love Kanye and I love Jay-Z. This definitely made me love Frank Ocean even more and I am excited to hear more from him…the tracks I was most enthused about were Niggas in Paris (which I will bump in my truck this week!) Made in America (which honors our monumental figures) and of course Otis which cranks because I love Otis Redding and they spit heavy bars on this track

  • LN

    I was underwhelmed.

    But I’m still bumping ‘4’ by Beyonce!!

  • Bey Zee

    I read a good point on another site stating how the poor are willing pay Jay Z and Kanye West to ridicule and condemn them about being financially poor and apart of the bottom 95%. How sick is that????? As this country (black people specifically) are being assaulted with record unemployment, foreclosures, underemployment, cuts to EVERY program designed to help the bottom 95%, Jay Z & Kanye West create an album that once again mocks the poor and flagrantly disrespects their fan base because they are apart of the bottom 95% of all income earners. As Jay Z and Kanye began to pull out of touch with the black community by electing to exclusively praise the top 1% and their life styles in their music, the same ones who take from the bottom 99%, black net worth has decreased by 53 percent from 2005 to 2009. Verizon is making record profits but yet it is requiring its workers to pay more for their benefits. Where does Jay Z stand on this issue?….. One the side of the corporate elite or the on the side of the poor and middle class unionized workers who make up their fan base? I think we know the answer which is why Jay Z will never see ANY of my money in spite of the fact that I still like a lot of his previous music.

    Name one issue that Jay Z or Kanye has addressed as it pertains to the downward social movement that their people have dealt with. Jay + Kanye only speak about the social elite & ridicule those who aren’t wealthy enough to join it. It’s disgusting. They have the attitude and the sympathy of republicans towards the poor who are not friends to the plight of people with color. Sadly I now see Jay and Kanye (as talented as they are) as kin to The Tea Party and the republican party. It hurts my heart to say it but it’s now true.

    Also notice how dark, demonic, and slightly satanic this albums sounds. Why does it have to sound so spooky?

  • IMRandall

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