When it comes to motivational phrases, it’s no secret Oprah has the game on lock. Whether she is schooling her audience about purpose or introducing them to the latest self-help expert,  Ms. Winfrey has long been a leader in inspiring the masses.

Now, the super mogul is being challenged by a small company that claims her production company stole their trademarked mantra.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

According to court papers filed July 28 in New Jersey obtained by EW, the talk show maven — and OWN CEO — has been slapped with a lawsuit over her usage of the acronym OYP, otherwise known as “Own Your Power.”

Simone Kelly-Brown and Own Your Power Communications, Inc., the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, claim the motivational communication services company originated the acronym and concept that people can “life their best life” if they believe that “anything you want in life is attainable,” and even solidified their usage by petitioning the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to obtain exclusive ownership of the term “Own Your Power.” Then Harpo Studios, the suit alleges, began to use the registered letters to “identify Harpo [and] Oprah … as advocates for individuals to ‘live [their] best life’ through self-awareness and motivational communication, the same type as OYP services.”

Regarding the incident, HARPO issued the following statement:

“Harpo has not been served and we have no information about what allegations are being made.”

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