Recently, a Natural Hair Sorority called Pi Nappa Kappa emerged with a mission to “To educate, inspire and uplift natural hair women, men, boys and girls throughout the entire world. To make the word “nappy” into a “happy” and celebrated term.”

Founded in 2010, the sororities’ Facebook page is where the group’s interactions primarily take place. Women are given their line numbers by order in which they became a fan of their Facebook page as well as an online Pledge of Honor.

I’m sure the sorority means no disrespect to official Greek life and initiation but doing everything via Facebook takes away from the experience of pledging in my opinion.

I respect the fact that the sorority is trying to bring natural-haired women together but the way they are going about it is like a mockery.

Is it really the answer to bring Greek life to areas of culture and hair?

-Krystal Holmes

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