Malia Obama became a teenager last month and is already gearing up for the rite of passage most teens look forward to most: driving. And while being she may have dreams of getting behind the wheel, her father is less than excited about the prospect.

Speaking to members of the auto industry on Friday, President Obama joked:

“It’s only a matter of time until Malia gets her learner’s permit. So I’m hoping to see one of those models that gets a top speed of 15 miles an hour. The ejector seat any time boys are in the car. So, hopefully you guys have some of those in the pipeline.”

It’s not the first time President Obama has voiced his anxiety about potential suitors for his teenage daughters. Last month he told ABC News what would happen if he met a young man looking to take out one of his daughters:

It’s a little intimidating. I might invite him over to the Oval Office, ask him for his GPA, find out what his intentions are in terms of career…Malia and Sasha, if you’re watching this, I’m just joking.

I’m not anticipating complete mayhem for the next four or five years, but, I understand teenage-hood is complicated. I should also point out that I have men with guns that surround them, often. And a great incentive for running for reelection is that means they never get in a car with a boy who had a beer. And that’s a pretty good thing.

Nice to know even the leader of the free world has parenting anxiety sometimes.

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