The war on drugs has failed…miserably. Years after “Just Say No”, we still have issues with drug-related crimes, drug abuse, and prisons overflowing with addicts.

Because of failed drug policies, many countries have taken another look and decided that decriminalizing and even legalizing some drugs is the answer. Recently, officials in Vancouver, Canada launched a pilot program to distribute clean, unused crack pipes to addicts, and Portugal, Spain, Italy as well as other parts of Europe have decriminalized the use of drugs to positive results.

So, should the U.S. be next?

Many in the States argue that decriminalizing, or taking it a step further, and legalizing drugs will not only get many addicts the help they need, but will may also help the economy. Although it failed, economists estimate that a bill legalizing marijuana in California could have generated $1.3 billion per year, money that could have been used to fix and ailing economy.

But what do you think Clutchettes and Gents…should illegal drugs be decriminalized or legalized in the States?

Let’s talk about it! 

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