With Texas governor Rick Perry making a serious run for the White House, the issue of the death penalty has again been thrown into debate.

Perry, who has been governor of the Lone Star State for over a decade, has presided over more executions, 234, than any other governor in modern history. As an executive of one of the biggest states in the Union, Perry vetoed a bill that would have spared mentally retarded individuals from the death penalty and he was extremely critical of  a Supreme Court ruling which said juveniles could not be put to death.

Perry has been been a staunch supporter of capital punishment  and trumpets a “law and order” stance on crime. In his book Fed Up, Perry shot back at his critics:

“If you don’t support the death penalty and citizens packing a pistol, don’t come to Texas.”

Although some states and  most industrialized, democratic countries like those in Latin America and Europe have pushed to abolish the death penalty, it is still widely practiced in the United States.

But should it be?

The death penalty hasn’t deterred crime and it is expensive for states and local governments to implement, so should we keep it?

What say you Clutchettes and Gents? Should the U.S. do away with the death penalty? 

Let’s talk about it! 

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  • R. Jay

    Of course the U.S. should do away with the grotesque law that is the death penalty! Even if a criminal has committed murder, we would be just as guilty of killing another human being as the criminal is, if we decided to punish them by death. Killing is killing. I think the criminals on death row should just stay locked up in solitary confinement. Death is the easy way out, and killing is a disgusting crime on BOTH sides.

  • Bottom line: the death penalty is unconstitutional. It is cruel and unusual punishment.

    I find it a bit paradoxical that supposed God-fearing conservatives would support taking someone’s life in their hands as opposed to letting that God their “one nation” is under handle people the way he chooses to. Who are YOU to say someone deserves to die and WHEN? Essentially, we all die anyways. Death is not punishment, it is inevitable. Loss of freedom is punishment.

    Religion aside, it IS expensive and I would much rather have a criminal rot to death in solitary confinement than have to be injected or executed. Eye for an eye is just an archaic concept in my opinion.

    • Kay

      I love those god fearing conservatives who have so much to say about a fetus deserving life,but a whole human being can’t get the same respect.

  • I really like the comments made by Elle & Kay. I have written so many reports about Abolishing the Death Penalty in college, as this is a passionate subject for me. They are killing more of us (blacks) than anyone else and they are too many convicts that are later found not guilty after they have already been executed. This is a heinous act that is costs about 6times the cost of keeping an inmate alive. We have no right to play God, he is decider in matters of life and death. It’s highly upsetting to me to know that this is happening in our country. Our gov’t will administer lethal injection, electrocution, gas chamber, and/or firing squad as a way of carrying out justice for lives lost. I couldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.