Recently, Amber Rose told Global Grind that she and rapper Wiz Khalifa plan on getting married one day. The two, who have been together for some time, constantly fawn over each other. Whether they are out and about, at industry events, or on Twitter, Amber and Wiz aren’t hardly shy about expressing their love for each other (which is rare in hip-hop).

When asked if she’d like to marry Wiz one day and make it official, Rose gushed:

“We’re definitely going to get married and have babies. Not right now because we’re still busy and we still want to enjoy each other first. We want to go on vacation, travel and just enjoy each other company, but he’s definitely the one. We’re definitely going to lay it down and get it done.”

Despite what many think, I actually like Wiz and Amber as a couple, and her answer about the things they want to do as a couple before walking down the aisle and having children speaks to a pair that has a good head on their shoulders.

But how about you, Clutchettes and Gents…if you plan on getting married one day, what would you like to accomplish before jumping the broom?


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  • Anina

    Society takes marriage too serious for me, as if it’s a must to do in life. It’s just a legal way of saying two people are together. I don’t plan to get married and I hope one day I’ll find a guy who feels the same. Of course, I’ll want to have children (with the right man) and share a spiritual, mutual connection with my significant other, but we don’t have to get married to do so. My aunt was with my counsin’s father since the day they met until the day he died and they never married until he got sick so she could have his benefits to take care of their children. Throughout their 25+ years relationship, he was the provider. She reaped all the benefits you get in a marriage without having to go through the process.I don’t like the idea of marriage either. You might as well say someone has legal rights over you. I’m not knocking those who are and want to get married, it’s not for everyone. You get the same free birth benefits without marriage, love. Isn’t that what we all want anyway?

  • Everything. Period.

  • Unique_one

    I believe in marriage. *crickets*

    • Robin Nicole

      Me too…

      To each her own though. I am 25, fiercely independent, & believe everyone should wait until their 30’s to get married (just my opinion). I do want to marry though, and see nada wrong with it…

      As far as what I want to do prior to jumping the broom? I want to get myself together spiritually, financially, and emotionally. I just think a marriage works better when people are well balanced & more mature in those areas. I would love to travel to various places, and just enjoy being in my 20’s… with my potential husband ;-) (family/friends too)

  • BeautyIAM

    I mainly want to finish school and travel after I’m done with it. Then get my career started. I just want to have fun with the people in my life and not feel like I need a man in my life to make my life complete. I find it so crazy that so many women in my age group, early 20s, are strapped with a child and/or getting married.

  • Alexandra

    I don’t have marriage fever, but I wouldn’t wait on it to explore the world and all that it has to offer. What if the proposal never comes? Or you have a change of heart? You can be married and still do those things. But I also agree with that I think people should wait longer to get married. Just me.