I hate the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried—many, many times—to give it a go, but it bores the hell out of me. The repetitiveness of a the treadmill or the elliptical machine does little to inspire me to go back for more. And in this economy, when I’m trying to cut back on expenses, having a gym membership I don’t use isn’t a good use of my income.

I do, however, love to dance. After a night out at a club (on the rare occasions that I go), I’m reminded just how much of a workout dancing actually is. Usually my legs are a little sore, my abs a bit tight, and I feel like I had the best workout ever. With this in mind, I recently started taking pole-dancing classes to spice up my workouts and encourage me to (finally!) stick with a fitness plan.

Let me tell you this: Pole-dancing is serious business. After the first class my arms ached, I had a bruise on my knee from hitting the pole, and my abs were on fire. I definitely developed a newfound respect for dancers, because that ish ain’t close to being easy…but it was fun! After my first class I signed up for four more, determined to master the spins, and I’m ever thinking of buying my very own pair of clear heels.

While I loathe the monotony of the gym, dancing has become my savior. By incorporating different classes—African, Zumba, and pole-dancing—I might just reach my fitness goals this year.

How about you Clutchettes and Gents…what is your favorite workout? 

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