Getting back into the dating game after time on the bench has been interesting. Over the course of the past year I’ve met some good guys who’d make really great friends, some assholes who weren’t worth my time, and a few possibles who have the potential to be long-term boo material.

Through my experiences, one thing has become crystal clear: It’s important to know your limits and what you will and will not accept in a partner.

This time around I’m older, and hopefully wiser, have less tolerance for B.S., and know what I want. My “list”—what I want in a man—isn’t long, but it’s detailed. While I’ve ditched optional things like height, I cannot compromise on other traits such as being hard working, caring, open, and able to articulate emotions (because a closed off man is an angry man).

While I have refined my list over the past few months, I can’t help but wonder am I living up to my own requirements?

In matters of the heart, can we really expect our potential mate to be completely AH-MA-ZING if we’re just aiiiight?

As I work toward being the best Britni possible (which is hard, cuz I’m already pretty dope lol. I kid.), I keep one question in mind…would I date myself?


Clutchettes and Gents…how about you? Do you expect perfection but aren’t quite near it? Be honest…would you date yourself?

Let’s talk about it! 

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  • Cat

    Absolutely not. I’d clash with myself completely. I need a complimentary personality not the same one. Objectively from the outside as not myself? High quality relationship material who is both older and wiser through the use of a lot of introspection and just plain old trial and error.

  • African Mami

    Hellllllllllllllllllllllll to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  • Honey

    Yes I said to my brother one day I want a man who is me as a man.
    Physically I would definitely date myself. Sometimes I get emotional when I see a beautiful dark skin and slender woman who looks like me because I find her beautiful and I get kind of lesbian. I say to my self that I would love to make her love the way I would like a man to make love to me.

    Then for the mind, career, interest and everything I am working to be the best of myself. When I say I’ll do something I do it really hard so if I was double (lol) I would 100% date myself. This is why I am picky with men these days because I rather be alone than poorly accompanied with a disrespectful and unsure man. This saves me from diseases and I can concentrate on other things, like family, good friends, knowledge, studies, career, work, travel, music, playing an instrument, sports, thinking and appreciate life. I say this in complete modesty and I am thankful for what I have. It’s just that sometimes bad men feel like a waste of time.

  • Damn right I would date myself…Little to no compromises???

    Yep that works for me :)