I love Twitter. I dig the way it has transformed the way we connect, converse, and interact with others, but sometimes, Twitter is a breeding ground for utter foolishness. One prime example of such idiocy is the trending topic “ReasonsToBeatYourGirlfriend.”

In the same sick vein that “ItIsntRapeIf” blew up, “ReasonsToBeatYourGirlfriend” caught on like wildfire and had people across the globe joking about domestic violence.

Psuedo-celebrities like Slim Thug (I couldn’t roll my eyes hard enough at this fool) joined in on the “fun,” sharing situations that would permit violence against women.

Predictably, many of the “jokes” centered around a woman cheating with a man’s friends, lying about being pregnant, or dissing her mate, but really…there is absolutely NO excuse for dating violence.

While some may brush off topics like this and chalk it up to people just popping shit on Twitter, what these sorts of things actually do is normalize violence against women. It excuses violent behavior and gives some folks a reason to think that sometimes, it’s ok to hit a woman. It’s not. And it’s certainly no laughing matter.

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