I love Twitter. I dig the way it has transformed the way we connect, converse, and interact with others, but sometimes, Twitter is a breeding ground for utter foolishness. One prime example of such idiocy is the trending topic “ReasonsToBeatYourGirlfriend.”

In the same sick vein that “ItIsntRapeIf” blew up, “ReasonsToBeatYourGirlfriend” caught on like wildfire and had people across the globe joking about domestic violence.

Psuedo-celebrities like Slim Thug (I couldn’t roll my eyes hard enough at this fool) joined in on the “fun,” sharing situations that would permit violence against women.

Predictably, many of the “jokes” centered around a woman cheating with a man’s friends, lying about being pregnant, or dissing her mate, but really…there is absolutely NO excuse for dating violence.

While some may brush off topics like this and chalk it up to people just popping shit on Twitter, what these sorts of things actually do is normalize violence against women. It excuses violent behavior and gives some folks a reason to think that sometimes, it’s ok to hit a woman. It’s not. And it’s certainly no laughing matter.

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  • It’s deeper than the act of physical violence. It’s promoting a culture where people get so desensitized to the pandemic of domestic violence that they disconnect from the emotion of empathy.

    These not-so-cute little Twitter hashtags show

    1. how ignorant many people still are and

    2. how distant they are becoming from relating to another human.

    It’s sad. The implications of these jokes, which make light of abuse towards women, shows how much our community has yet to overcome.

  • I believe in freedom of speech but this hashtag is far from funny. Now here’s a harsh fact – 63% of all boys, age 11-20, who commit murder kill the man who was abusing their mother. I just hope this joke fades away and those that think it’s funny wake up to the truth of domestic violence and the long term negative consequences it has on children.

    Let’s stop the violence against children
    Makers of Memories – Domestic Violence Charity

    Here’s some scary facts from domestic violence

  • White Rabbit

    Thank you, BubbleZz, I had the exact same reaction.

    Heres hoping hes single and stays that way, given his anger issues and seemingly abusive mentality. My ex thought and argued like this – I shudder at the memory of how long it took me to recognize how toxic he was and dump him.

    As for the Twitter trend, I was horrified and signed the petition that went around. There is NOTHING funny about domestic violence. My family was torn apart by it, and my life forever altered for the worse. That trend just goes to show how very far we still need to go in educating people and ending domestic violence/abuse. This Twitter incident prompted me to donate to the NDVH. Those of us who care and are tuned in need to work together to end the epidemic.