For someone who is so darn likable in his public persona, the personal allegations leveled against Shaquille O’neal stand in serious contrast to what we’re used to from the seemingly gentle giant.  Radar Online is reporting that everyone’s favorite Fu-Shnickens allegedly planted a tracing device in his ex’s car, had even more affairs than the ones we already knew about AND used child porn to frame an ex-friend. Glory.

Shaun Darling amended his 2010 complaint against the recent retiree, adding that Shaq inflicted “emotional distress and invasion of privacy” against him. According to the report obtained by Radar, the two men were friends from 2007 until 2009. Darling claims that Shaq worried that Shaunie O’Neal was meeting up with one of his mistresses and began spying on her with a car tracker. He also alleges that some serious police misconduct was used to set him up in order to discredit him so he couldn’t come forward with information about Shaq’s affairs.

Another shocking claim in the lawsuit is that the basketball star used government officials, including police officers, retired police officers and state attorneys to help him deal with his mistress and ultimately to plant evidence on his ex-friend, Darling…

O’Neal along with Miami Beach Police Internal Affairs Unit, Sergeant Jorge Alessandri, Joe Wise, Donald Deluca, Jesus Pena, Timothy Devine, Justin Zormello, Robert Lara, Derrick Mallett, Joe Cavalerro, Jerome Crawfor, Mike Parris, and unnamed other persons embarked upon a mission to discredit, destroy, and ruin Darling in order to make sure that the proof that Darling had of O’Neals numerous acts would never see the light of day.”

Darling also claims tht O’Neal wanted to “frame him for possession of child pornography, have his house stormed by police, have him arrested for it, and have his computers confiscated while he is hauled off to jail as an accused child pornographer.”He goes on to state that O’Neal was afraid of being caught cheating and wanted to get copies of text messages he had sent to his mistresses, so he asked his own attorney to sue him to create a lawsuit as a means to obtain a subpoena.

“O’Neal and his henchmen would stop and nothing to get what O’Neal needed. O’Neal and his henchmen gave no pause, and had no problem with the ideas of manipulating the judicial system to accomplish whatever O’Neal needed.”

Darling claims that O’Neal carried on “an improper affair with reporter Allison Samuels of Newsweek magazine. If the affair came to light, O’Neal knew his mother would be furious. O’Neal believed that by harming Darling, the proof of his improper relationship with Samuels would never come to light.”

DAAAAAAAMN. This makes Shaq-Fu’s affair with Superhead look like small effing potatoes, right? One question (of many): why would Darling take civil action before attempting to have O’neal and his posse arrested? This isn’t a Hollywood divorce, this is being allegedly set up and made to look like a child pornographer! And would Shaq really need to go that far to protect an affair after already being outed in Confessions of a Video Vixen? He couldn’t just pay dude off?  This whole situation is a mess. Will Hoopz stand by her man or does Flavor Flav have a chance at getting that old thing back?


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  • jetblack

    I think we should all pause before jumping to Nancy Grace-like conclusions. As you pointed out in your conclusion a lot of what the accuser is saying doesn’t add up. Why didn’t you go to the police immediately? Why did you wait so long? This sounds like someone who wants a payday. Maybe he knows his story doesn’t hold enough water to get a court to grant him a payout and he would rather take a chance going through the media circuit. In which case i think Shaq should use HIS common sense and immediately sue for slander.
    And how did Darling sit so long on top of all this information? If this is true is a terrible friend (friends don’t let other friends do hoodrat/illegal stupid things) and was just Shaq’s “friend” to get all this info. Also he knew Shaunie was being spied upon and all this..why didnt he go to the police? This is tooo sketchy. I’m having a hard time believing it and if it is true Darling should be charged as an accessory.

  • fahrealtho

    If you have power and dont want ish to get out, you do what you gotta do. I mean people actually murder each other for stuff smaller than this, so it’s not impossible to imagine that Shaq really wanted to make sure no one knew about how shady he really is. If Shaunie knew more of what he was up to, BESIDES the already exposed stuff he probably figured she would get everything, so he needed to cover his tracks.

    Probably went to civil court because it may be easier to get some sort of “justice” or because once he can get Shaq to be “convicted” in civil he can then have a really good case for criminal. I have heard of civil first then criminal cases being prosecuted. If they threw out his criminal then he’d have to try to get the civil conviction which maybe his lawyers advised would be more difficult.

  • boho.barbie


  • tamar

    ……….who would go to such lengths to cover up extra marital affairs? he was an athlete! we all know they cheat lol

    • chanela

      forreal! lol i stay away from athletes and rappers cause they just CANT say no! lol

      also if he went this far on his friend, why didnt he go just as far with karrine stephans to stop her from writing about him?? is that possible??