When it comes to weddings most women have a distinct vision.  They’ve carried this vision with them since they were 5-years-old dancing around their room with a pillowcase on their heads as a veil.  So naturally when the ‘big day’ finally arrives for real, women (and in some cases men) go hard in the paint to make sure this vision comes to life.  But should they?  Most stats on marriage say that there is at least a 50/50 chance of divorce, and from celebrities to every day people, these stats seem to get proven true time and time again.  For example, photos have recently surfaced of Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams’ wedding to former NBA baller Eric Williams.  The lavishly pink wedding was created by celebrity wedding planner Diann Valentine and included a custom dress, custom tabletops for the reception, the posh backdrop of The One and Only Ocean Club on Paradise Island in the Bahamas and even fireworks.  The couple looked happy and in love, however that was then.  Now, they’re headed for divorce court, with Jennifer displaying a decapitated Eric on a divorce party cake and Eric throwing drinks in Jennifer’s face to “cast out demons.”

Damn homie, it was all good just a week ago?!

Granted the majority of us don’t have hundreds of thousands to spend on a wedding like Jennifer and Eric, but we still go out of our way to spend money we don’t truly have just to create the ‘perfect day’ for a happily ever after that may not last.  Now I’m not saying that you should plan your wedding on the cheap assuming that it will fail, but knowing the stats and seeing first hand in our own lives how marriages can play out, does it make sense to have a big budget wedding that you may still be paying off if a divorce comes?

Does it make sense to spend a fortune on a marriage that may not last?  Can you be just as happy with a less expensive wedding?  What else could you spend the money on that would better serve the marriage?

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