Are you ready for more drama?

Although I’m not a fan of the series, and I think I lost 30 minutes off of my life (and about 50 years off of my soul) during the ‘Basketball Wives’ reunion special, I tried to give it a shot. After listening to my friends talk about the ladies’ antics, I tuned in. And well…let’s say I think women were set back a few decades by the pettiness and juvenile behavior of the women on the show. But hey…people love a good cat fight, right?

Apparently so.

VH1 is gearing up for the premiere of the newest installment of “Basketball Wives” drama and are busy promoting the debut of “Basketball Wives L.A.” A sneak preview of the season recent aired, and it looks like this version of the series will live up to its dramatic hype.

Basketball Wives L.A.” will feature Jackie Christie, Kishma Artest, Gloria Govan and her sister Laura, Draya Michele, Imani Showalter, and Malaysia Pargo. It premieres August 29 at 8 p.m.

Peep the ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’ trailer and let us know if you’ll be tuning in.

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